In political sense of course, but it does have its cultural values. Sweden, Denmark, England, Norway etc. all have monarchies that are great benefactors to the general culture of the nation, as well as its presenters abroad.

So yes I am for constitutional monarchy, cause I see a great cultural benefit from it.

I am also in favour of symbolic monarchy. In some countries monarchy has been an essential part of the nation’s culture and history and it’s sad to see it disappearing. For me, at least.
Absolute power vested in one person may or may not work depending on the ruler’s competency.  One hand a single ruler may bring some stability to the country; on the other hand the ruler may bring the state to its knees with the consequences for ordinary people if he or she is incompetent. In modern times, ideally, the state should be ruled by a large team of patriots, with two alternative points of views but one common goal. We are seeing developed countries around the world have successfully adopted the model of two party ruling systems. The transition of power between the parties is accomplished peacefully.
In Russia and other countries around the world people are not ready for such model. In Russia people would prefer to see a strong hand ruling the country simply because people did not know  other forms of governments. The power was never relinquished peacefully in Russia. It happened in 1917 and recently in 1991.

There is an interesting lecture given by Professor Yuri Pivovarov who is a member of Russian Science Academy at MGIMO. He touched very important issues in contemporary Russia.
The lecture is in Russian and it’s 2 hours long which you can be found on the internet if anyone is interested; he brings interesting perspective to the discussion on this topic.


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