It describes my point of view. :)

Leader of the state should be a well skilled man who was elected by folk or riched the power in honest fighting. The principle of monarchy in Russian conditions produces incompetence and weak stupid leaders, the dynasty degenerates and further development of the country can go in an uncontrolled deadly way.  The current corrupted government or previous soviet partocracy isn't my ideal, but return to monarchy would be even worse.  So in my opinion any forms of monarchy are the part of history or an attraction for tourists.

If you think your Putin or Medvedev are weak, just wait till you see our Croatian president Josipović ;D


Ivo Josipović pao niz stepenice tokom posete Srbiji
(after he fell here, he apologized to everyone wtf)

he's like the ultimate gaylord out there ;D talking about his toughness he plays a piano too ;D

Could that man fill in the shoes of one medieval King?
not in a million years


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