why do you need a leader?  ::)

i want good administration, as effective as it can be, in contrary to overgrown overly bureaucratized apparate that annoys you with 50000 papers and regulations

i want just and effective laws regulating the really problematic issues in society (government restriction, criminal law, fiscal and economic limits, social net, ethnic minority rights, protection of nature), contrary to laws regulating even bedrooms and fining bikers for not wearing helmet

i want reliable law enforcement of such laws, not a state where an "entrepreneur" can cut down protected forest for profit and you dont want to take the thing to officials because "somebody" might then begin attacking you and your family

i want capable, decent representatives, not a leader who serves as ego boost for those who have the need to follow their favorite hero

of course its not 100% achievable, but if we try we maybe can get to 99% of this
the positive thing is that im not only one who wants this


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