Concerning second, Novgorod become elective monarch it is truth but before it was plain hereditary Rurik passed throne to Igor (With Oleg as co-regent), Igor passed to Svyatoslav (with Olga as co-regent), Svyatoslav to Yaropulk, Yaropulk was overthrown by younger brother Vladimir (no election).

Yeah i didnt want to go into details. I just wanted to point out that all ancient "republics" were not republics in modern sence. Common folks didnt have much saying in politics. Slavic people had their Knezi, Boyars, etc. In Carantania and possibily Carniola it was like this;

Common folks = no role in politics (maybe on local level?).
Kosezi = voting class.
Knez = elected by Kosezi class. Knez was probably member of some kind of plemstvo.


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