A meal in an expensive restaurant can be $200-$300 per person, a meal in a café or a small restaurant is $25. Ordinary people would the latter.

A pint of beer would depend on the type of the bar in which it is purchased. A pint of Irish beer could be between $5-$10 in a bar, I guess. I am not sure.
A monthly wage after tax deduction of an accountant or application developer would be $3,000-$ 3,200 per month. It may be a little less or higher.

1 bedroom apartment . If it is in the centre from which you want to see the stars of Kremlin  it could be as high as $10,000 per month. In suburbs it's $700-$750 per month.

I am not sure why Mercer consistently ranks Moscow as one the most expensive cities in the world. Probably due to its expensive Real Estate.

Moscow has excellent public transport system and people often commute. I mean the public transport system is better than in most cities of North America I saw. One can commute from outskirts of Moscow and Moscow oblast and it’d take 1-1.5 hour to travel each way.


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