Slightly expensive beer, really expensive meal, a great salary, a normal rent.

If one can find a restaurant with let's say 5€ a meal, nothing luxurious just not to starve. One could live a good life.

Moscow is a cosmopolitan city. Many people from regional Russia, former republic of USSR and beyond are coming to Moscow for better opportunities. Muscovites are overwhelmed by influx of people but that’s another story. So Moscow maybe an expensive city, but higher wages and earnings in Moscow will compensate for the higher cost of living.

I am not a Muscovite and I don’t know the prices on all products and services. I could have given you more estimates but I don’t want to mislead anyone on the forum in case I miss anything
I need to look at Mercer’s report closely to see why it consistently ranks Moscow as one of the most expensive cities for expatriates. Some of the cities I visited are more expensive than Moscow in many ways. Could it be due the high cost of private schooling taught in English? The cost Real estate? I am not sure.


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