Good for him. The (fairy) tales, with animals or human teach us so much about every aspect of our life. If every adult would read from time to time tales (or at least Lev Tolstoi stories for children :) ), the world would be much better.

There is also famous saying by Maxim Gorky:  “You must write for children the same way you write for adults, only better.”  :)

A good choice of classical Russian writers above. I consider Nikolai Gogol’ as one of the greatest classical authors from Russia despite the fact Fedor Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy received widespread recognition.
Here is a list of children writers from Russia/USSR.

Kornei Chuikovsky wrote poems and stories for children. We read many of his stories in school
Nikolai Nosov
Konstantin Paustovsky
Pavel Bazhov wrote fairy tales of the Ural region.
Andrei Nekrasov wrote Adventure of capitain Vrungel.
Sergei Mikhalkov extensively wrote for children: stories and scripts for children cartoons.


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