The quote from Gorky is wonderful and indeed true.

Speaking of Gogol, I saw that also frijnsje reads Gogol. Don't you guys find a difference of style between "The Dead Souls" and short novels inspired by folklore? Cause I had the feeling like I would read 2 different authors. I can't say that one way of writing would be better than the other, but I could just feel a big difference between his works.

Well, to be honest, I only read Dead Souls, The Inspector General and the short story "The Cloak" (Шинель). But now you say it, The Cloak is more of a mystery story (ghosts and stuff are in the book), while Dead Souls and the Inspector General are more comically, especially the latter. Dead Souls of course, is more serious, and can also be read as taking a critical stance against the society in the 19th century.

But I can't say that I thought I was reading two different authors, because, as is typical for Gogol, the main characters were "little men": people working as clerks (The Cloak) or just trying to make profit off of people who are too stupid to realise they are being foold (while they themselves are bums, or at least, people with no actual work or low nobility), as is the case in Dead Souls and The Inspector General. The main characters are not princes or (high) nobility.


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