Prelja, first, Slavic language is even older than that, but it is extinct.

Trolibor, firstly Slavic language is not extinct. This is blasphemy, especially if you say so on Slavic heritage preservation forum. Watch where you are  ;)

Second there is absolute difference between Daj Bože : Give God. and Dajbože. Daj is second person of imperative of ver dati "to give", Bože is vocative of noun Bog, o declension. Nice that you love our Slavic heritage, but let start respect it by getting known by grammatical rules of Slavic languages.

Secondly: in Polish there is no difference between Daj Boże or Dajboże if you listen to the pronunciation and I am not referring to the song at all. As to grammatical rules in this case there are the same in Polish. I respect our Slavic heritage and grammatical rules as well and also support it by examples. So what is your point beside trolling every tread related to Slavic tradition customs?  :D

PS And I agree that the song is about Dodola not Dadżbog. My statement about connection between ‘Daj Boże’ and Dadżbog had a general nature.


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