There are Slavic languages ther is no Slavic language.
Well first show me where am I trolling. Because I said something aginst your ilusions. Slavic traditions would not die out if your misunderstandings stop.
And you proved it by showing us what? That dati is derived from Dažbog?
And please refrain from personal insults, I did not insulted you. I even like you, but if you want to discuss do it seriously. Before this evening you did not even know what the heck dodole are, now you are ready to read lectures to me who saw it numerous times, who learned about it in school. To me it is part of my, Serbian, Slavic heritage, to you it is cool thing you read in forum and now you are ready to teach all world about it.
Again, if you want to be taken seriously try to act like it. Nothin personaly.

I don't need to prove you anything. Your statements and post speak for themselves. And who the heck you are to tell me that I know nothing about Dodola tradition? You fabricate it by yourself or something? And please, you don't need to like me, this is not mutual emotion to share here.


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