Opatrne s používaním slova hanba!  >:(

I don't agree with you that Western European women have higher morals, this is just a stereotype that Eastern European women are prostitutes. Yeah, a lot of girls end up as prostitutes in Western Europe, but you forgot to mention that many of them had been tricked. Employment agencies promise them a job as waitresses or so and then a waitress is suddenly a stripper… Not always is easy to escape from mafia's net when you are a woman abroad, you don't know the language perfectly, you are alone without any documents and contact to your family. Why there are many Slavic prostitutes in Western Europe? The reason is simple – Slavic girls are beautiful and Western European perverts want them, so… But this is not a reason for calling Slavic women the SHAME of the Slavdom, milý Ľubomír!


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