Well, such rumors have some foundation, for example according to data of International Organization for Migration among 750 000 prostitutes in Western Europe 23% are Ukrainian girls. I explain it only by economic and some social reasons, after the collapse of soviet union Ukraine and some Eastern European regions got the large increase of unemployment, lack of normal work and moral principles in the new world as well as close proximity to Western Europe makes that region a center of sex tourism and prostitution. If we had the  poor Western Europe and rich Slavic countries we would get huge flow of prostitutes from the West.
Slavic women are traditionally distinguished by the presence of moral principles, compared with Europe. Western society is more perverted, the prostitution exists there, but it has another forms – interracial mixing, homosexualism and feminism. In my opinion it's even more shameful.

Concerning the pictures from the first post: I'm not sure that Marine Le Pen could be called hero, she's simply a daddy's daughter, weak politician and a friend for jews and blacks. The phenomenon of Oriana Fallaci is not very unique, we can find female heroes in any Slavic country in every period of our history, for example the grandmother of white terror in Russia.


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