But speaking of crappy songs for workout, check what my gf listens while she jogs :D

Lisa Miskovsky – Still Alive (Mirrors Edge OST)

And she has an instrumental version her iPod xD
So am I the only one who wonders who can run to this crap? ;D

This is horibble…once, year ago there was this girl that worked at the gym and she was rolling the music…and she played a song such as that…we were all like "wtf is going on".

@Svitogor, not bad at all…but still this is a win imo (at least for me personally)

This is my usual compilation for training:

Dismember – Mutual Animosity

Dismember – Sickening Art

Dismember – Europa Burns

Dismember – Bleed For Me

Six feet Under – Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane
(skip to 0:55, that's where it starts)


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