Well it's just a step further…we're already genetically engineering our children from ever since Human kind exists.

Don't you all (if wanting to marry and settle down) chose a girl that has the best attributes for your offspring and vice versa with women? it's a sort of genetic engineering but you don't literally take this or that from the chart but you chose from the offer i.e. the girl that you will like the most in hope your offspring would have some of the attributes that your woman has etc.

I think you may still have a courting culture in Croatia..  but where I am, unless you are a 9/10 male in aethestics, you don't exactly have much of a choice when it comes to women being attracted to you.  Sometimes I still attract women I like, but many times the girls I consider attractive don't like me and sometimes all I am stuck with are the 'leftovers' (obese women).


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