Every technology is double eged sword. Around some decades ago they developed new chemical herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers, etc. and everybody thinked it will be safe, better, etc. Now after so may decades we see their down sides. Few suspected it could have negative consequences back then but now we know. Genetic modification will never be safe. There will always be down sides similar situation is with other things like nuclear power, etc. Geneticaly modified organisms are already big fail when it comes to plants and they are not as resistant as they say they are.

I am aware of that and acctually I agree that this will probably never be the case, not in my life time however. Thats why I have to underline the question as hypothetical.

If found being safe and risk free (absolute no down sides), and available to you; not do you believe in it or not.
[size=9pt]– It doesn't state the current technological level, nor would it ever be on the sufficient level.[/size]

Why do I stress this. Since procreative beneficence is the moral obligation of parents to have the healthiest children through all natural and artificial means available, choosing a method (in this case bio-engineering) found as faulty or not developed enough, is an oxymoron.


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