I am aware of that and acctually I agree that this will probably never be the case, not in my life time however. Thats why I have to underline the question as hypothetical.

If found being safe and risk free (absolute no down sides), and available to you; not do you believe in it or not.
[size=9pt]– It doesn't state the current technological level, nor would it ever be on the sufficient level.[/size]

Why do I stress this. Since procreative beneficence is the moral obligation of parents to have the healthiest children through all natural and artificial means available, choosing a method (in this case bio-engineering) found as faulty or not developed enough, is an oxymoron.

Ok if it would be realy 100% safe i would but only in a way that child wouldnt have any im-born dysfunctionalities. However i would definitely not agree on updating my kids in to some kind of super heroes.

Anyway people born with certain dysfunctionalities, etc. usually don't have negative emotions over them self because they are already born like that. It is the parents who suffer emotionally so i think it is not morally wrong if parents dont want to use such technologies.


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