Absolutley agree on it. Fatc that we coudl control our instincts is what separate us form animals. But even animals wont reject their offspring.
All designer baby thing is industrialization of birth. It is not ethical, it is unhuman even.

Animals do often, well always reject weak offspring. They die by natural selection, the survival of the fittest.

Human, unhuman, ethics are prone to shift with time. It is industrialization of birth, I agree.

But it's seen as sick and unethical at the moment. And not as widespread, but if this designer baby thing becomes the norm and the common way of conception, then we become "cold" when it comes to life.

Maybe in Australia it is, here in Europe at least my impression is, that it is normal. What do you mean by cold to life?

This is offtopic, but it is not her body. It is other human being. I am sorry for rude word, but: "послије [size=2pt]јебања[/size] нема кајања" If she care about her body she should think of it before.

Yes, but although an other human being (however arguable, is an embryo a sapient therefore human being, or not) is still a part of the mother-to-be, that cannot exist without her.


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