Maybe in Australia it is, here in Europe at least my impression is, that it is normal.

Currently it's banned in Australia, but couples go to south-east Asian countries for this.

What do you mean by cold to life?

It devalues life, abortion (atm) is a big decision for some people and some people even become depressed after procedure because of it. But if designer babies become common, then we will be less hesitant when it comes to deciding whether to abort or not. If we can design babies, then maybe one day we will be able to clone humans and grow them in a matter of days or weeks. If this happens, then life isn't going to be as important because we can just make more people so easily. And because you have to pay for it, it becomes commercialised.

Maybe this isn't a good analogy, but it's the one that came to mind. Because you can buy animals at a pet store, people are less depressed when that pet dies, but if you found this pet in the wild, domesticated it and created a relationship with it, and if you live in a place where you can't just buy dogs or find them easily, then the value of the dog's life is greater.


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