This has nothing to do with judeo-christian morality. There are many atheist or other religious people who opposse this. I dont truly know what is the point of sterilizing people with schizoprenia or other similar things. ???

And yet the starkest opposition to abortion and eugenics comes from Christian zealots. When you ask them why, they feed you some sermon about how "life is holy". People do not need to be Christian to share this view, but they are certainly influenced by Christian ethics and values. And I may quote Cvetinov, ethics are prone to shift with time

Am not even discussing many such people are wonderful and very clever and some contributed way much to the society than the "healthy" people doing s***. In the end all this bio eengineering stuff wont solve any problems at all.

Well Poh, that's your opinion and I respect it. I guess only time will tell…
(I'm not going to answer the sterilization part, it's half taboo topic anyway… Definitely not going to open that can of worms)


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