And yet the starkest opposition to abortion and eugenics comes from Christian zealots. When you ask them why, they feed you some sermon about how "life is holy". People do not need to be Christian to share this view, but they are certainly influenced by Christian ethics and values. And I may quote Cvetinov, ethics are prone to shift with time

Bla bla bla. Lot of talk about things you hardly know. You ever heard of Hippocratic Oath? Yes, Christians are strongly against abortion. Is that by default wrong?

We should not let some false hypocritic judeo-christian morality be a damper to our society.

Another bla bla bla bla. Do you know difference between Christian and Jewish ethics? Do you know Who coined term ὑποκρίτης in modern sense? Next time you feel urge to troll Chrisitianit, try to learn something about it.


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