Ok I think I would learn more, if you post translations accompanying it :)

To be honest, it would be great.

I thought you wanted me to post something in Russian so you could translate it :) But it’s no problem, I’ll translate the poem. I’m not saying that my translation is perfect, so if anyone sees mistakes, please correct them  :)

Вот и выпал первый снег
Here the first snow fell

первый снег
(The) first snow

Он покрыл долины рек
He covered river valleys

А река течёт черна
And the river is flowing black

Вся жива ещё до дна
All that is still alive (goes) to the bottom (Not 100% sure if I translated the actual meaning of this line correctly)

Вся любовь моя черна
All my love is black

Вся жива ещё до дна
All that is still alive (goes) to the bottom

Льдом покроется она
Ice has covered it / it is covered with ice

Но на свете есть весна
But on the world it is spring

Я приветствую тебя
I greet you

Не жалея, не скорбя
Don’t feel sorry, don’t grieve

Хоть невесело идти
Though sadly going (or it's sad to go, that would be better I think)

На седом твоём пути
On your gray way (I think “седом” can refer to gray-haired people, like “сед / sijed” in our language. I think if it refers to something else than hair color in Russian, like in this example, that it means something like a combination of sad and old, you know what I mean. Not 100% sure about that though)

I think it's actually an interesting poem, it is probably about someone who is dying or someone who is depressed I think.


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