1. Canada had a referendum on the independence of Quebec twice, both times the majority voted no (but they were close though)

2. Hungary (and possible Austria) gave weapons to Croats. Turkey didn't give us weapons, it was mostly Iran and home-made weapons (and whatever was stolen from JNA). Also, Turkey is more of a supporter of Macedonia than Albania or Kosovo.

3. Yes, it's the reason why I'm in Australia. What happened in the 90's is unlikely to repeat itself in Macedonia and Montenegro.

1. Canada published its own law to allow independence (if it did, I'll trust you on this one), however if it didn't Quebec wouldn't have the right to secede from Canada, since it isn't allowed under international law. However I have to state that Canada is also a former colony, and law interpretation concerning that may vary like previously stated.

2. Turkey is a supporter of Macedonia, rather than Albania and Kosovo. Arguments please, I am eager to read it.

3. What happened in the 90's is unlikely to repeat itself in Macedonia. Из твојих уста у божје уши


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