"Ankara has remained Skopje’s biggest ally since Macedonia declared independence from the former Yugoslav republic in 1991. The two nations have been further united by their shared political enmity with Greece over disputed territory, history and the use of the name Macedonia."

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday Macedonia has never been far for those living in Turkey.Speaking at the Turkish-Macedonian Business Forum in Istanbul on Saturday, Erdogan said that the Turks never saw the friends and brothers in Macedonia as people far away. I believe that our solidarity and discussions at the highest level will carry Turkish-Macedonian relations further, Erdogan noted.

This seems as usual diplomatic flattering, one should ask a Macedonian how close their ties really are, more so would Turkey rather support Macedonia or Albania in a conflict. (remember Albania is a NATO member as well as Turkey)

Turkey would have to have a lot of love for Macedonian Orthodox Slavs, to go against a fellow NATO member, against the rules, as well as a member that is Muslim as they are, and by tradition more tied to the Ottoman Empire, than even Turks themselves are (most Ottoman officials were Albanians).

Not really plausible, don't you agree?


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