I would like to see arguments for that. Only hypoteticall war in which Turkey will support Macedonia is aginst Greece, it is what links two states. With Macedonia in war gainst shiptars, Turks will be neutral or help shiptars if their masters allow them to act.

Well, my hypothetical situation doesn't really work since Albania will never lead a war since it's a NATO member.

This seems as usual diplomatic flattering, one should ask a Macedonian how close their ties really are, more so would Turkey rather support Macedonia or Albania in a conflict. (remember Albania is a NATO member as well as Turkey)

Chances are Turkey would officially have to support Albania, but would probably try to stay out of it. Turkey has closer economic ties with Macedonia than Albania, and you have to remember that on a national level economic ties are closer than cultural ones.

Turkey would have to have a lot of love for Macedonian Orthodox Slavs, to go against a fellow NATO member, against the rules, as well as a member that is Muslim as they are, and by tradition more tied to the Ottoman Empire, than even Turks themselves are (most Ottoman officials were Albanians).

Well yes, Albania is a NATO member, which means they're not going to get into a war with neighbouring countries unless they've been attacked, or if a fellow NATO member is attacked. And even then, Albania is a small NATO member meaning they wouldn't contribute that much.

Not really plausible, don't you agree?

What isn't plausible is a greater Albania; Europe doesn't want strong countries in the Balkans.


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