Don't let your hate for everything Albanian get in the way of rational thinking.

I dont hate shiptars. I just not have any reason to respect that loose tribal confederation of hordes of  narko dealers, social care lurkers, undertable workers, human trafickers and God knows waht else.

What economical ties? Austria banned all imports of Serbian pork because Serbia wanted to be more economically independent. Would you call that good economical ties?

Serbia was one of major markets for Austrain imports. Problems started when Serbia became importing French products (espetialy weapon). Good economicla relations were never reason to prevent war.

And why we are discussing shiptars? They are not Slavs, htey were more or less absolutley antagonistic to Slavs from first mention of them. They still live in prehistoric state of mind, and they are dangerous for their neigbourghs. Well I would say only neigbourgh country friendly to them is Adriatic Sea.


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