Nice village! Thanks for this Al locului. And realy nice beehives;

Indeed, the beehives are nice. But it seems that not only the bees have confortable and aesthetic houses, but also dogs:


Here is other site where I found interesting photos and informations about this village: http://www.stevehandley.co.uk/zalipi/zalipie.html

Even the toillets seems to have style :):

[img width=489 height=700]http://www.stevehandley.co.uk/zalipi/9.jpg” />

[img width=489 height=700]http://www.stevehandley.co.uk/zalipi/35.jpg” />

This photo is my favorite. I would like to have such a nice window:

[img width=700 height=516]http://www.stevehandley.co.uk/zalipi/22.jpg” />

Other images:
[img width=489 height=700]http://www.stevehandley.co.uk/zalipi/39.jpg” />

[img width=516 height=700]http://www.stevehandley.co.uk/zalipi/28.jpg” />

[img width=522 height=700]http://www.stevehandley.co.uk/zalipi/20.jpg” />

[img width=700 height=489]http://www.stevehandley.co.uk/zalipi/29.jpg” />

[img width=700 height=489]http://www.stevehandley.co.uk/zalipi/33.jpg” />

[img width=700 height=516]http://www.stevehandley.co.uk/zalipi/30.jpg” />

[img width=700 height=516]http://www.stevehandley.co.uk/zalipi/18.jpg” />

[img width=700 height=516]http://www.stevehandley.co.uk/zalipi/16.jpg” />

[img width=700 height=522]http://www.stevehandley.co.uk/zalipi/4.jpg” />

[img width=503 height=700]http://www.stevehandley.co.uk/zalipi/7.jpg” />

[img width=700 height=516]http://www.stevehandley.co.uk/zalipi/40.jpg” />



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