Your ancestors were probably living in Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria which was under Habsburg crown.

Anyway.. here are the names I was given:

You should focus your search no more than ten miles east of Lwow/Lviv.
The train station on the east side of Lwow was known as Lwow
Lyczakow/Stantsiya Lychakov (your "Lysakaw") and 3.9 miles to the east
is Podborce/Podbortse (your "Pahorce") hahaha Pahorice; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borut_Pahor
and 8.5 miles east of Lyczakow that you'll find Goloduvka (your

Bolded names are in German most probably and other forms of these names seem to be written in Polish. These villages are probably around Lviv and maybe today they are part of Lviv since often villages very near cities are consumed by city once city gets so big. Lviv is pretty big and considering that much smaller Ljubljana consumed several villages i wouldn't be surprised if all those villages were consumed by Lviv but it is hard to say much.

Lviv is divided into six raions (districts), each with its own administrative bodies:

    Halych district (ukr. Галицький район – Halytskyi raion)
    Zaliznytsia district (ukr. Залізничний район – Zaliznychnyi raion)
    Lychakiv district, this sounds similar to Lyczakow (ukr. Личаківський район – Lychakivs'kyi raion)
    Sykhiv district (ukr. Сихівський район – Sykhivs'kyi raion)
    Franko district (ukr. Франківський район – Frankivs'kyi raion)
    Shevchenko district (ukr. Шевченківський район – Shevchenkivs'kyi raion)

Also i found out this;

SOURCE: 1920 U.S. Federal Census: New York – Steuben County – Hornellsville Township. – ED#127
(Ancestry.COM Image # 19 of 20) P.177A Age 35 b. Austria
Note: Surname appears to read "SPEWAK". Census reflects the Spivak family living on "East Avenue Extension" in Hornell, and the dwelling they were living in was "owned", not rented. The place of birth and native tongue entries for both John and Mary reflect that they were both born in Austria and spoke the Polish language, as did both of their parents. The year of immigration appears to be either 1913 or 14. The oldest daughter Nellie was shown as 2 1/2 and born in New York. Neighborhhood appears to be all Polish speaking Ukranians and Austrians.
Family Lore: Upon the death of his wife in 1928, John returned to Austria to marry his wife's sister so she could emmigrate to the United States, which was accomplished. However, there was a cost to this tradition as John was compelled to place his family in "Father Baker's Catholic Orphanage." .


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