that part of Ukraine was Poland back then… but it was populated by ukrainians, jews, poles… contrary to popular beliefs they sometimes intermixed (except some very orthodox jew freaks) so in the end its hard to say if certain person was pole or ukrainian or jew as they because sometiems they were mixed a lot.
Lyčakiv = Lyčakov (ukrainians and some rusyns have suffix -iv instead of -ov)
so yes its part of ľviv today… it seems.
Spewak, Spivak – probably bad transcription of Špivak/evak, means singer. that surname also occurs in village where i live. its bearers came from what is now poland/ukraine border area, west of lviv, but they were rusyns (now slovaks, they are assimilated)… they came here in interwar period when they were persecuted in poland. many also fled to america. few returned.
holodufka is just phonetic transcription of holoduvka, as for Goloduvka, the letter which russians have as G is H in ukrainian, belarusian, rusyn. its common mistake even in slovakia to transcribe it as G in ukrainian names. like užgorod instead of užhorod.

for other villages… keep in mind that villages sometimes change their administrative names, especially when 2 villages are joined under one administration.
or the more sad version. they are destroyed/exterminated. polish, nazi, soviet armies and ukrainian partisans operated in that area during 20th century. many people died. really many. 20th century saw massacres of civilians unseen before.


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