difference between špivak and špivakovski: špivak derives from profession (singer, probably in church, as outside church it would be hudak). špivakovski is like "secondary" derivation, mostly from name of village (so it would be village špivakov/špivakovo/špivaki/etc).

i live in part of slovakia which was colonized by rusyns – eastern part of country.

kazimierz – if he also pronounced it like that – kažimiež – he was probably pole, or mixed (pole with ukrainian or rusyn family). people who came here as refugees from poland were also sometimes mixed polish/rusyns, even few ukrainians.
do you have skype?

Yep. I have Skype: slavic.muse ;)

My pradeda claimed his ethnicity at Ellis Island as "Austro-Ruthenian" and said his last residence was Lysakaw, Poland.  And that's all I know.. my great grandmother (his wife) was supposedly born in Pahorce, Poland. And Kazimierz reported to be born in Holodufka, Poland. He claimed himself Ruthenian and family lore says he was fluent in 9 languages. He was an a**hole, too, from what my family has told me. My father doesn't have much nice to say about him.  Said my deda is a lot like my pradeda.. and that's scary.  My deda is a total a**. Apple never falls far I guess… :-/

Hm, which Church did he belong? Greek Catholic or Roman Catholic? It could indicate wheather he was Rusyn or Pole of Rusyn ancestry.

See.. this is actually something I'm not 100% sure about. I know in the US Kazimierz was buried in a Roman Catholic church.  But where he lived in NY, the Rusyn population wasn't large from my understanding and I'm not sure if there was a Greek Catholic church.  One of those – did he choose ot be buried in the Roman Catholic church because it was closer to Greek Catholic than a Protestant church, or was he actually Roman Catholic.  My my aunts, uncles, and dad were raised in the Episcopalian church.  But I think that might have been because of my grandmother. I'm not sure what my deda was raised as. 


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