Holoduvka was most probably very tiny settlement. Here in my area there are some realy small settlements which were consumed by other villages since they were so small and so close to bigger village and on official maps such settlements dont exist anymore + maybe Holoduvka was abandoned perhaps in WWII or becouse of some kind of sick commie plan. ;D

Even further thesis maybe your ancestors from Holoduvka were Polish and people abandoned village after WWII becouse many Poles emigrated to ex-German lands. ??? Now i know i am in no possition to talk about this since i dont know you and neither i know much about Ukraine, etc. but i think that perhaps at least one part of your Slavic ancestors were infact Poles.

There is always a good possibility of a family member or two being Polish.  My pradeda came to the US in 1912. And since then, the truth has been hidden away in his remains.  I never really thought that my family would have been some "pure blooded" Rusyn family. But with all the possibilities of where the villages could be or what could have happened if they don't exist anymore is where I get stumped. I sometimes think I'll never know the truth, that my pradeda took everything to the grave. Well supposedly my deda and his brother know the original last name and refuse to tell anyone. *bangs head* Sometimes they piss me the f**k off. Truly do. Wish they weren't such a$$hats. But I can't do anything about it.


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