First of all i want to say that this is not "Muscovian propoganda".

Then use "Russian propaganda" if you prefer that.

almost all russians think like this and i am not from Moscow but I think that this is might be  true.

Yes, that's one of the many things that bug me the most: many of you thinking that we are just "Little Russians" and that you have the right to rule us again.

Why do you hate Russians?

Let's put it this way, I do not hate individual Russians, however, there are immense differences between how one individual behaves, how another one behaves and how the collective behaves. There are many reasons why I have no love for the Russian state and a large part of its people and I have talked often enough about them – historical reasons, political reasons, Russian mentality and attitude regarding us etc., if you are interested in the details you may just scan through the posts I've written here.

are we the bad people?

Perhaps you are not bad per se, but you often enough follow bad agendas and do bad things. Maybe because you think they are justified or because you don't realize what is good and what is bad, I don't know, frankly said I have never understood Russians, Russian perception of things and Russian thoughts.

We all are Slavs and we are brothers. What bad in this?

It is useless forcing people to love each other all of a sudden, it never works. It takes a lot of time for longtime enemies to look at each other with respect, it takes even longer until they are able to become friends or even as close as brothers. Also, history has proven with some quite tragic events that Panslavism is a failure and has no positive effect on interslavic relations. It is dead for good, so let it rest in peace.

and i would like to add that in english we might not understand each other) i mean in russian we say "народ" not "nation"
here I mean "народ" :)

I know what you mean, it still does not affect my opinion the least. Also, I hardly speak any Russian and I have no desire to do so.

Sokil, this guy is speaking about genetics not about politics  :)

As if it does matter, the message is the same and I don't agree with it, neither do I see any reason to watch the video or even believe what this fat piggy has to say. Anyone can twist and turn facts according to his needs, it is no secret (especially not on internet discussion boards :D).


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