Then why does it say "The hope of a restored autonomous Poland may become an important factor in the war."? It clearly opts for an independent Polish state, which, as the author puts it, is divided "at present times" (=1914) between Russia, Germany and Austria.

Autonomous is not same as indepndent. Differnece is enormous. I guess they were taliking about restoring status before 1863 uprising. British did not wish to alienate its ally Russia, so they were no pro independence, it would be unrealisitc from their point of wiew. <br /:)” title=”>:)” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Regarding the greater Serbia, keep in mind that this is from a British view, not from Serbian view. I guess that at this point the British wanted to keep Montenegro independent, for some reason.

Again, there was lot plans. Britain was proposing Gretaer Serbia, but it was different, it did not include Zagreb, also it was planned to give up major part of Macedonia to Bulgaria in order to Bulgaria ente in war on Antanta's side. Russia and France were supporting Serbian government agenda.


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