Leno4ka, thanks for your posts. I like Bulgarian Девойки and Red berries by Slavyanki from Poland.  :)

This folk group is from Archangel oblast’  of Northern Russia. The region in which Mikhail Lomonosov was born. He is a legendary figure in Russian society.

Северный Народный хор фестиваль Вся Россия

Folk group 'Volya' from Voronezh oblast’. The leader of the group is Galina Sysoeva . She is a well known and respected folk artist. If you are interested about women’s headdress, it is called 'Soroka' traditionally worn by married women in Voronezh and Belgord oblast’. I never saw anything similar worn by women from other regions. Voronezh and Belgorod oblast’ are in central region of Russia on the border of Eastern Ukraine.

Фестиваль "Вся Россия". Ансамбль ВОЛЯ (Воронеж) 2011

This is a well known  dance in Russian folk arts called ‘Summer’

Ансамбль Игоря Моисеева. Фестиваль "Вся Россия"


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