It is very unlikely that there will be a war between us in the future. That time in 1992 when the Czecho-Slovak Federation was in a dissolving phase, relations between Czechs, Moravians and Slovaks weren't as ratcheted up as in the Balkans. Yeah, Czech government got ready to armed conflict as the documents prove – unlike Slovak government; and yeah, one of the Slovak politicians had put the question What are the historical borders? pointing out the existence of historical region <a href="http://www.slavorum.com/index.php/topic,1410.msg15189.html#msg15189">Slovácko</a&gt; in Moravia, + there was a discussion about separation of one Moravian village between new Czech rep. and Slovak rep. But this was not so serious that could end up with many dead Czechs, Moravians or Slovaks… As for the home-defence guys on both sides, well, when I see it now, it's funny stuff.  ;)  Amateurish attempt to propaganda.

So, I hope nothing like in 1939 will happen again. Czechs attacked Slovakia then – it's well-known now as Homolov Putsch :

On 9 March 1939, Czech troops moved into Slovakia in reaction to radical calls for independence from Slovak patriots (including Tuka, who had recently been released from prison). On 13 March, Adolf Hitler took advantage of this "Homolov Putsch", prompting Jozef Tiso — the Slovak ex–prime minister and Roman Catholic Monsignor deposed by the Czech troops — to declare Slovak independence. Tiso refused; Slovak independence was declared on 14 March by an act of the Slovak Assembly, which was convocated by Czecho-Slovak president Hacha. The remaining part of Czechoslovakia was incorporated into the Third Reich as a protectorate.

I would never go against another Slavs, but anyhow – at the same time I would defend my country for sure. I believe this is perfectly normal.


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