Low birth rates have history in Slavic lands for quite some time. This has nothing to do with western values, etc. that's just bollocks. ;D Irish are western and they have pretty decent birth rates hell French aint that bad either. I have been there and yeah i saw many young Irish women with kids + pregnant.

Slovenia already had bad situation during communist Yugoslavia thats why we had to import other Yugoslavians. Nowdays i see lots of kids among Slovenes to be honest. Or at least in my area anyway. Basicaly east and south Slovenes are statistically destroying our birth rates. If it werent for them Slovenia would have pretty decent birth rates.

You can call them whatever you want for all I care. But you can't deny that femminism mentioned by Kudesnik isn't having a negative effect on birth rate. Yes it was present in Slavic lands before but I think communism played a great role in this – F. ex. importing non – Slovenes in Slovenia (not that I have anything against other Yugoslavians but I think they cannot replace ethnic Slovenians). But I bet it wasn't that bad 70 – 80 years ago when we didn't live in such a materialistic and consumistic society ( be it capitalism or communism). Having a lot of children was quite normal back then.

As for France, wtf?? You think ethnic French are the ones having children?? Seriously? Not the African and Asian and Albanian immigrants? If westeners have better birth rates than us it's only because they import those kind of people who use women as birth machines.

But I didn't know about the Irish… good for them I guess


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