I dont know man. There were feminists and lots of gay people during time when my mother was young. At least she told me that. However i think most problematic is central Europe more precisely Germany and Slovenes share their ways altho this is slowly ending thankfully.

For example many folks down here want to build and own very huge house people have couple of cars and all want to have super kids who would go to school, sports club, music club, dance club + everybody wants to go on holidays 4 times a year and then stuff pilles up and you discover all this takes lots of time and money so folks chose few kids when they have house, cars, etc. and then they find out they are like 30 and have 1-2 kids.

Now this way of thinking is slowly ending so things have improved here. Irish on other hand dont have such silly way of thinking they just go to the local pub, they have normal sized houses (unlike Slovene castles ;D) and they dont spend lots of money on other such things. ;D

Huh I didn't know the castles were a Slovenian thing too. Here where I live there are a lot of Serbs, Montenegrins and Bosniaks (some Croats too) and they literally have competitions of who builds bigger house (Overcompensating for something? LOL  ;D). The bigger your house, the higher your social status!

However, that's a very negative mentality, but I also think there is little to do economically speaking. F. ex. Greek parliament gave money incentive to parents for every third children and still they had negative natality. The same thing in Scandinavia. This policy is only backfiring because it gives incentives to third world immigrants to make even more kids.

But how come things are starting to change in Slovenia? Is it because of government intervention?
Btw good to hear it…


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