I dont know why but for example to me big house dosent mean a thing. Infact i would prefer smaller one. My grandmother had 8 brothers and sisters (i think not 100% sure) and their house was realy small in modern standards. I guess some folks just realised it is supid to have biggest house in the hood, newest expensive car, etc. and yeah situation is same here. Altho there are still many people obsesed with big houses, etc.

On my mothers side they had 4 children as well, but they were a rural folk. I believe it's the modern city lifestyle that plagues the birth rates. People living in a small apartment, of course they'll have only one child while in rural areas where everyone has a house they'll have more children. Until either the prices of apartments don't change and get cheaper, or 50% of city populations go to live in rural areas there's no hope for positive birth rate trends imo.


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