I'll answer my own question now…

Currently I work for a douchebag. I build websites, copywriting, social media marketing.. anything for online businesses.  I actually had begun my own company prior to working for him, but I wasn't getting anymore teaching jobs here in Beograd so I had to do something. But I'm back in the works with my own company. Lots of great things are coming together with it.  I will do similar things as I'm doing now, but without the douchebag and a team for women I love dearly.  I personally want to write… that's it. I've been a writer since I was a little girl.  The moment I was told I couldn't be an astronaut (have bad vision), I starting writing.  But the biggest different with the way I want my company to be that others aren't at the smaller levels is to build community. It won't be just about hiring my company to get a job done and that's it. It'll be for education, a place to ask questions, to just hang out.  My team is full of women I've known for a long time and are family to me. We're spread across the world. And I love it.  *thumbs crossed* Things look VERY hopefully in the near future to be very great!  I'm teaming up with a Serb I know and we're developing an entrepreneur program together. :D That's where we prefer to focus our attention.

I love all these goals everyone has!!! I hope more will post!


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