The name of the article is written in the spirit of "red alert" :D  Does Croatia have the normal meat industry or like in Russia?

Yes, you attacked our meat industry with Kirovs ;D
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Well meat industry here is very natural. It lacks the documentation system as in Western Europe, but that's because most of meat here is produced on private local farms of rural folk and not by large corporations. You know, a peasant with his pigs, chickens or whatever producing tasty sausages, salamis and stuff, but from the perspective of other countries it count's as "uncontrolled" due to lack of documentation on products as origin, ingredients etc. But as far as i know our products are very healthy and natural thus the fear of it is just unneeded and most tourists relize that once they try it and see the difference between natural ogranic traditional food here, and sterile gmo "controlled" food elsewhere. What do you mean like in Russia? how is it there?


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