I see. So appearance does not always say everything? I am an ignorant, so everyone here will have to confirm that phenotype is based more or less on appearance isn't it? Also from most European countries I will take anyone at their word. Unless the person looks completely non-European I would not think a person who tells me they are Serbian isn't.

Nope appearance does not say everything.
There is genotype (which is the genetic make-up of an organism) and there is phenotype (physical traits)
Phenotype is dictated by genotype, but organisms of same genotype do not always have same phenotype.

Of course he is not. I think his tan is from Vlachs. Lipps, well, Slavs usually have full lipps, but his are overgrown

I think you might be right. Allthough if I remember correctly from the documentary his parents are pretty fair skinned?
Full lipps are slavic feature, but it's still not a dinaric thing, Slavs or not. (Btw they are common amog some Germanic groups too)


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