Plenty of game here too for hunters. Mostly deer and rabbits, but also lots of wild boars (they're practically overwhelming, causing trouble on roads)

I have only a humble air gun, so I can't do much with it, but still it can kill rabbits (with a good headshot from smtn like 40 meters).
But I don't go actively hunting.

Would definitely love to own a crossbow.

Deer as in roe deer or srndac?? Theyre really small if Im not mistaken compared to whitetail at least which can get up to 100-150 kilos easy. Wild boar don't have to many here mostly to the south and even to the west of where im at.

Rabbits not really a big fan of them too need a well trained dog and hours upon hours of walking around more so a fan of big game personally. But you could definately use a firearm upgrade LOL

Crossbows yeah they're sweet and no permit to own one.


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