Yes and no it depends.

Venison and moose meat is delicious tastes a lot better than beef and much healthier for you to low in fat, cholesteral etc… Black bear tastes ok- goulash made from it is actually pretty good can also make a roast, sausages etc… but goulash from one is by far the best IMO.

Wolves and coyotes I don't eat them and I don't know of anyone that does. But coyotes are a pest here overpopulated and they wreak havoc with farmers and also with young deer bringing down the deer population. Wolves we only ever got one very difficult animal to hunt and yearly only get 2 tags per person, trappers have limitless though. But they kill moose which is a food animal and you gotta manage wolves in order to maintain a healthy moose population.

I guess you live in USA or Canada becouse there are no black bears in Europe. Also i wonder what is you ethnicy since bear eating is not known to me elswere than Slovenia. Foreginers are quite shocked folks down here eat them. :)


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