Aaaah knedli tako povedaj!  ;D We have knedli too but I've never eaten them with venison. Usually we make them filled with plums

Te z' slivam so sadni cmoki (fruit ones).  Anyway you can eat only kruhove knedle with vension not sadne cmoke. The very way to make testo (dough) for sadni cmoki is fundamentally different from way you make testo for kruhovi cmoki also kruhovi dont have any fruit like plum in them. Besides that kruhovi have special sauce which fits with the meat.

ps; Čeh's have same stuff. Differance is only they use boar meat while in Slovenia it is diverse but usualy it is deer meat. Čeh variant is called Knedlo a vepro.

I know hunters who were drying bears meat. (It was during war). They were swearing it was tasty, somhow I am not in mood to try ;D Wild boar is my border ;D

Interesting. :)


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