I think this guy looks like a typical..  :-X Can you guess where he's from?  8)


He is a typical pretty boy. If you didn't tell he is a Serb, I wouldn't know. :)

I see Vuk Kostic as a portrayal of a typical modern Serb.

[td][img height=300]http://www.pressonline.rs/upload/boxImageData/2007/07/29/8811/VOJNIK-GLUMAC-VELIKA.jpg” />[/td]
[td][img height=300]http://www.svetestrade.com/images/sr/15632.jpg” />[/td]
[td][img height=300]http://www.ekapija.com/dokumenti/vuk_kostic_2_040411.gif” />[/td]

However I remind, the thread is not generaly about the looks of nationals, but about archetypes, namely roles that portray the traits which are seen as common national mentality(also not stereotypes, which are oversimplifications of the same). Only people that belong to the nation can post such examples, since they are the only one that know what are the main traits of their national mentality, which are shared by the most.

Remember the older the portrayals (especially in movies), the more clearer (not influenced by common modern values) the archetype is.


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