Uhh, this is really difficult question to answer.  :)  But I'll give it a try. I'm going to focus on facial traits, not on the colour of hair and eyes – it isn't that important in this case. Slovaks as any other nation are different when it comes to types of faces.

Ok, when I'm thinking about it, mostly I see these male faces in the streets (I intentionally exclude parts of Slovakia which are/were known by different national minorities – e.g. Hungarians or Germans, because then we couldn't speak of archetypical Slovaks) :

[img width=525 height=700]http://www.toso-superstar.wz.cz/foto/ine2.jpg” />
I find the face of this young man boring. Maybe because I've seen it many times? There isn't anything special on his face that I would appreciate. He's average IMO.

I don't know why, but always when I see his face, I imagine him dwelling somewhere deep in the Slovak mountains and playing <a href="http://www.slavorum.com/index.php?topic=485.0">the Fujara flute.</a>  :D

He's just too typical old Slovak man. I don't know what to add more to this.  :)

I just don't see foreign elements on his face.

And Slovak women :

She looks like a typical teacher at Slovak elementary and high schools, kind but strict too  :D


… and this girl are very similar IMO and I think of them as Slovak girls without any other ethnic influence.

Another example of a Slovak girl who is just Slovak.. in my humble opinion.

So, this is my point of view. I live in a region with minor foreign ethnic influence. Maybe you wouldn't guess but although there are only almost 5 millions of Slovaks, we are different. But that is normal after all. The persons I chose, look typical Slovak to me. I cannot explain why, it's just a feel that I have seen their faces so many times that I don't find them special. Maybe this is why they might be the typical Slovak. Well, who knows, it's my opinion, other Slovaks would not have to agree with me.


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