My parents built Banya on дачa a long time ago. We would usually go to Banya every time we visit дача. We also have a stove ( печь) in our дача. It’s not authentic русская печь; however, there is a place on the stove where a single person can sleep. It’s warm and cosy.  :)
I guess you are envious because you don’t have Banya but if you did  I don’t think you would be going to Banya every week. You will need to travel,  warm it up and clean it. It’s easier to have a bath or shower at home. When it’s cold outside, then Banya is perfect. С берёзовым веником.  :)

Oh my God! now i want to go to your Banya! ;D Yes you are right that the bath or shower at home is more convenience but..Just imagime myself sitting on the highiest bench and enjoying the warm and stem mmmm…this is amazing :)


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