If Montenegrin members of the forum, like Brđanin, do not feel insulted by such portrayal of their people, through the ideology of Sekula Drljevic, and his promoter on this forum Svevlad. I will acknowledge their views.

– My personal view on this matter is shared I believe by all members who are of Serb lineage, especially of the highland strain; if they are fine with it, I will be as well. If not, use the same rules you use at moderating the Serbian section, for the Montenegrin one.

Svevlad lives in Australia he is not verry well informed about situation in Montenegro, abou it's social divisions on Serbs and Montenegrins etc. I dontthink he is supporter of pro-Nazi lunatics like Drljević.
I do not see anti-Serb actions in his posts, just lack of informations.


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