Slavyanka, have you ever tried to make them? They look like very nice, like big stamps.  I'm getting so hungry now  :)

Pryaniki are traditionally cooked in many regions of Russia. Pryaniki from Tula became most known of them all and now there is  a museum in Tula called «Tula gingerbread».

Museum website: http://www.pryanik-tula.ru/museum/exposition/?PHPSESSID=cc9266ea4a77d4d547ce62f2fb6deea1

Tula is also known for its 'samovars', musical instrument garmon’ and 'hunting rifles'. Samovar and garmon' are often associated with the Russian culture. People in Tula seem to be very good at what they are doing.  :)


Slavyanka, thanks for starting this topic. :)


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