Why is it Bosna i Hercegovina and not just Bosna? I mean dose Hercegovina even have any seperate history. Was Hercegovina a seperate realm, etc? Also since title of this thread is Hercegovina this thread can be anything about Hercegovina generaly. :)

Hercegovina, originally Vojvodstvo od Sv. Save
The region was partly a Serbian realm called Zahumlje. The lord of Zahumlje and Primorje in the 15th century, Stefan Vukčić Kosača, denominated himself as 'Vojvoda of Svetog Save', the Duke of Saint Sava, he however shifted the term Vojvoda in the German form, namely Herzog of St. Sava. With time people living in that region called it the 'dukes land' or Hercegova zemlja, tj. Hercegovina.

For Serbs, the Hercegovina region is one of the core ethnic territories, which is unfortunately divided by three states. There is also western Hercegovina, or Latin Hercegovina, which is inhabited by Croats, namely Herceg-Bosna.


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