We call them žabari for they are greasy like frogs (žaba). It dates from the time people started puting grease and other crap on their heads. We related that to the Italians which brought the fashion.

[td][img height=300]http://content5.promiflash.de/article-images/w500/ronnie-aus-jersey-shore-oben-ohne-r3.jpg” />
Typicalljigavi žabar[/td]
[td][img height=300]http://6ssatnist.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/slimy-frog.png?w=241″ />
frog (žaba)[/td]

Oh i see. Thx for info. We call them Čefurji = non-slovene žabar or Čapci = slovene žabar and žaba has same meaning here.


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